Commercial & Office Casework

Commercial office casework is often required in areas like employee break areas, conference rooms, mail rooms, printer or copier work areas, and special workstations.

We excel in providing the storage cabinets, countertops and shelving required to facilitate the needs of the users in a commercial or office setting (It is important to note that we do not provide modular cubicles, or what most people refer to as “office furniture”).

As a commercial casework manufacturer, we fabricate:

  • staff lockers
  • tall storage cabinets and wardrobe units
  • custom whiteboards and tackboards
  • reception desks
  • conference room storage cabinets
  • media cabinets
  • windowsills and heat covers
  • meeting tables
  • running trims/moldings
  • and much more!

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commercial office casework reception area and desk Commercial Casework and Cabinets

Explore Commercial & Office Casework Examples

commercial office casework: kitchenette
Office Kitchenettes & Coffee Stations
Office Kitchenettes & Coffee Stations

Employees need a well-organized workspace to get the nourishment they need to do their best work.
commercial cabinet manufacturers staff lounge
Staff Lounge & Break Rooms
Staff Lounge & Break Rooms

We manufacture the storage cabinets and worktops needed for employee breaks.
commercial storage cabinets: conference room
Conference Room Cabinets
Conference Room Cabinets

We design conference room storage cabinets for any budget level.
office casework: workstations
Work Stations
Work Stations

We provide education and research facilities with top quality products.
office casework: mailroom
Mail Room Cabinets
Mail Room Cabinets

We accommodate most mailbox sizes, manufactured as base, wall, or tall cabinets.
Office Supply Cabinets
Office Supply Cabinets

Office copy room cabinets for any type of commercial facilities.

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