Cubby Storage Units

Cubby storage units are meant for the quick storage of items without the need to open or close a door.

Common in educational settings, these open cubbies are used to keep backpacks and personal items stored during class.  Cubbies can be useful in many other types of commercial storage applications as well.

Cubbies can be constructed of wood, laminate or phenolic to meet the needs of the environment. Wood cubby storage tends to provide a higher visual quality, whereas phenolic tends to be the most durable and easiest to clean.  Laminate cubbies are also easy to clean and are a reduced cost.

Cubbies can be configured to sit on the floor, set at any reachable height and divided as needed.  Wall cubbies can also be designed to mount to the walls off the floor when only overhead storage is required.

Cubbies can be used with plastic storage bins, baskets, metal boxes and other types of containers.  We can even help coordinate this type of storage system if needed. Contact us for any type of open storage systems!

Cubby storage unit Commercial Casework and Cabinets

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