Commercial Shelving

Commercial shelving is available in melamine, plastic laminate, phenolic, and in a wide variety of wood species. As a commercial shelving manufacturer, we offer:

  • adjustable wall shelving
  • laboratory reagent shelving systems
  • countertop mounted island shelving units
  • custom shelving systems

Shelving systems provide exceptional storage and organization methods for commercial spaces, offices, teaching rooms, labs and much more!

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Commercial shelving manufacturer Commercial Casework and Cabinets

Shelving Details

Bookend Material
  • No Bookends (Flat Shelf)
  • Match Shelf Material
Bookend Thickness
  • ¾”
  • 1″
Bookend Height
  • 4″
  • Other Heights Available
Applied Edges
  • None
  • Front and/or Back
  • Up and/or Down
  • Light Valance

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